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Baby Bottle Blessings







Baby Bottle Blessings is an ongoing fundraiser where you take one of our special baby bottles and fill it with your spare change. Our main event runs from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, but a BBB campaign can be run at anytime that works best for your church. BBB donations may also be made online at the link below.

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Tips for Running a Baby Bottle Blessings Campaign in Your Church

  • This is an easy mission project that can be tailored to fit your group and time frame.
  • We will be happy to supply a speaker to introduce Care Net and Baby Bottle Blessings to your group in an age appropriate way.
  • Local mission project.
  • Good way to introduce young people to life-affirming ministries.
  • For VBS, Sunday Schools, and other younger groups, we focus on helping moms and babies who don’t have enough money to buy diapers and clothes.
  • Set up a table in your church to hand out the Baby Bottles and online Virtual Baby Bottle cards.
    Collect your spare change and drop it into your Baby Bottle or make a donation to the Virtual Baby Bottle online at
  • Suggest they keep the bottle in a central location so their family will remember to pray for Care Net!
  • Have them return the bottles on the designated day.

Who can participate?

  • Whole congregations
  • Youth Groups
  • Sunday School classes
  • VBS Groups
  • Mission Teams
  • Women’s Groups
  • Men’s Groups
  • Christian Schools
  • Home Schoolers


  • Start it on Mother’s Day and run it for 4 weeks.
  • Do it during January and dedicate the bottles during Sanctity of Human Life.
  • Have your youth group sponsor it and run it for the entire church and dedicate the bottles when they are returned.
  • Do it for a Lent or Advent mission project.
  • Do it in October for Respect Life Month.
  • VBS is an ideal time… Hand them out on Monday and return them on Thursday or Friday. Have a dedication at your closing.

If you have any other good ideas that you’ve tried to add to our list, just let us know!